Why Delahunty?

Delahunty offer a range of themed event solutions. We provide you with a personalised and professional service, working with you right from the initial enquiry to ensure you get the event solution you want.

Delahunty take the stress out of organising themed events and you can rest assured that your events will be run professionally and without any problems.

Delahunty will take you into a world of endless possibilities. We can provide actors, costumes, props, locations, sets, state of the art SFX, scripts and everything you could possibly need to ensure that you have a most incredible event. Let us design a truly spectacular event as this really is our favourite aspect of event management. Let us show you what we can achieve.

Samples of themed events hosted in the past include:

  • - Casino Royale Ball
  • - Studio 54 Launch Party
  • - Medieval Themed Banquet

Contact Us
Contact Delahunty's themed events team today. Our experts will discuss your options and devise the best themed event for your business.
Telephone: +353 (1) 2101769 Mobile: +353 (0) 86 815 8150 (Louise)


Why Themed Events?

Themed events allow your company to push the boundaries of fantasy. They take staff away from their day to day jobs & increase motivation. Themed events are great for team building and excellent teamwork is the foundation upon which all great companies are built.

Themed events come in all shapes and sizes. They are organised to cater for a wide range of needs. It can take place in any venue. Audience sizes and types can vary from a small group of your peers, to a large gathering of staff.

Services provided by Delahunty to make sure your themed event is a success include:

  • - Event Concept & Design
  • - Production
  • - Venue sourcing and liaison
  • - Catering and bar
  • - Entertainment
  • - Celebrity Speakers
  • - Marquees
  • - Venue dressing
  • - Backdrops and props
  • - Costumes
  • - Arcade games and fairground rides