Why Delahunty?

Corporate hospitality is a service that Delahunty are experts in providing. We have years of experience in the industry and have dealt with many clients and many situations. Our experts ensure that your hospitality needs are met first time and every time.

Delahunty take the stress out of organising these events and you can rest assured that your events will be run professionally and without any problems.

  • - Private Yacht Charter for the Monaco Grand Prix
  • - Six Nations Tournament
  • - GAA Hospitality
  • - Beyonce Meet & Greet
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Why Corporate Hospitality?
Corporate hospitality has become a vital part of the business equation in Ireland. Embracing this service will allow your business to stand out from the crowd. In an ever more competitive business environment corporate hospitality can help secure and retain new clients and staff.

- Entertaining clients and potential clients is becoming more and more important in today's business world. Acquiring new clients and building strong business relationships takes much more time and effort. Existing clients expect more from their business partners. This is an inescapable truth.

- Retaining and attracting the best employees for your company also needs much attention. The best employees are looking for more than just a good wage. They want positive life experiences. The businesses who best look after their employees needs attract the best staff. Building strong staff relationships is vital for businesses to succeed.

Corporate hospitality separates your business from your competition. The company that embraces this concept will attract and keep clients and staff.